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Pewter02WS6 said:
you should check out the S&S board more often. i had this set listed with taking offers on trade or $ for quite some time. ;) i just recently acquired the remaining cars from this set in WL form so i decided to keep it. if i should run across another, would you like me to grab one for you?
Uh, I live on the Swap & Sell. :wave: I probably didn't have what you were looking for in trade, or I had too many other deals going on, or both. Or, I was holding out a little hope that someone would find some locally (including myself!) but that didn't happen. I also had a friend in Indiana that I was waiting to hear from for a week if the one he left in the store was still there. (It wasn't :D )

The cars I "had to have" from this set were the Camaro and Firebird, and I did get those. Wouldn't mind having the others, but I'm not hell bent on getting them. Just figured if people were finding them in droves to the point of leaving them, I might grab one for the right price. :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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