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I saw the mod spkngrmn did to his VW and realized i want that.. No idea HOW to do it, but damn I want it!

..Now, I also want to convert all the lighting in my cluster to led fluorescent lamps.. Prolly BLUE since I have a 90 Lumina I am working on.. (I ALWAYS like the cool blue gauge lighting from Olds at the time..)

..I should also note the cluster going IN is actually one from a 97-0x. Cadillac Catera.. 140 MPH speedo, and a volt, temp, gas, and Oil gauge..

..THe reason for going recessed led ceiling lights is because I want to have it behind a tinted piece of Acrylic or Plexiglass.. (I've had the idea since I thought about putting in a Digital dash).. And I noticed the 98-03 Cadillac STS' and infiniti models have LED gauges.. I want to convert over to this, but I dont want to have splotchy lighting.. I want it to be even all the way across, and, it will be on during daylight hours, so it needs to be bright as hell! And for that, I am willing to go super bright white for the gauge numering, but would rather have led strip lights.. (I want the needles to be a DEEP DEEP red though..)

BUT.. I NEED to figure out how spkngrmn did his VW.. That is something that would ROCK on this cluster!

Thanks for any help you all can give me!
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