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Probably time for a new thread!
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DaveW said:
We have some top notch racers down to guys (myself included) that would have a hard time winning even if everyone else dropped out of the race.
aww leave crist out of this....lololol

dave-you dont have to justify yourself to the TRUE LE guys on here that already know your a stand up guy and respect the help you give us.a chassie is a chassie to me....a piece of graphite with nuts and bolts on it,its the custermer support you give us that makes me so LOYAL.if a racer needs sumthing at the track and you are there you will drop whatever you are doing to try and help that person out if you can and that ranges to a chassie plate down to a sticker.chassie hoe's will come and go,we just have to accept that and let things go at times.with that being said lets let these jokers go on back to there CW or whatever thread the came from.

now back to more important things.you got graphite in.....is the yokman edition done yet?
I'm not a LE driver, but wanted to share an experience I had dealing with Dave Whitesel.

I approached Dave to cut a custom chassis for the Indy Velodrome. The file that I provided him wasn't exactly what he needed for his CNC software, which meant that he needed to do quite a bit of work to cut the chassis. Not only did he fit me into his schedule, but was very fair with the cost of the work. Any time that I have interacted with Dave, he has been very helpful even if the questions I had weren't directly about a LE chassis.

My experiences with Dave helped me in making a choice to buy a new LE chassis.
Dave is a Stand up guy along with the rest of the crew. You too Jason LOLOLOL
I will say on a serious note all the LE guys have been great to me. Even when I started pancars a couple yrs ago and was running another chassie. The help Dave and Jason and Yok have given me is top notch. They took parts off there own cars to get my sled going So when I spend my money it gets spent on those who helped me in the first place. Cause I am not officially sponsored by Leading Edge BUT I sure endorse there products!!!!!!!!

Jerry B.
Leading Edge
JH Racing said:
You guys remind me of another thread on here I'm glad I don't run your cars CustomWorks all the way. :cool: :QUOTE]

man you must be boring
because we are here to have FUN

and if ya don't like to have fun then

bye bye

Now onto more important matter
why's everybody always picking on me ......
jason crist said:
why's everybody always picking on me ......
big target= easy shot!!!
pat thats was a good one
squeeker138 said:
big target= easy shot!!!

Jason I seen a commercial on TV for a "King of the Ring" contest at Connersville next weekend. Here's the good part, I just called and entered you. This could be better than the "Racknor episode". Well maybe close.
not even close to the RACKNOR EPISODE.......

can't do it anyway
i need time to train and loose a couple of pounds (like 1-2 pounds that all i need to loose )
no thats not it

Jason (king of the buffet) Crist

i thought i would beat
Dave (to old to race) Whitesel
to the punch
Tried out my Executioner in 13.5 brushless last night at New Castle (Indiana). Car was pretty good "out of the box". 1st qualifier was a bit rough due to tires too tall/ride height too high so I only go 66 laps. 2nd qualifier was much better at 73 laps, but still had some handling issues. 3rd qualifier I got 74 4:02 after making some minor shock/spring adjustments.

With very little effort or track time I got the car up to speed and rotating through the turns. Was running consistant 4.0s with a few 3.9s using a brand new out of the box 13.5 motor (non upgraded rotor)!!!
LE finishes 1,2,3,4 in 4300 at TWOH in Cinncinati, ohio last night

1st-Scott chase (LIGHTNIING)

2nd- Travis Hook (LIGHTNING)

3rd- Cody gallogly (EXECUTIONER)

4th- James thompson (LIGHTNING)
nice job brian.you know 75 is the record so your not to far off for the first weekend.

hmmmmmmmm chase's winning agian....go figure.them boys are faaaaaaaaaast.good job guys on the sweep though. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Good Job Brian. Wish I wouldn't had to work, I wanted to come over for a little 13.5 action!!!!
LE drivers

who's coming up to Fort Wayne for the 2nd leg of the hoosier classic

jason crist 4300
mike dugan 4300
jeremy hofer 4300

Brian good run on the new car
come on up to fort wayne they have some good 13.5 drivers since New Castle won't be open
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Arcor open is march 31 and april 1 in akron at classic hobbies. We ran 4300 last night and it was fast and exciting. Make plans to come to this one its gonna be a blast.
By the way does anyone have pics of a mounted gtb speed control on a lightning by the rear tire?
I'm running an Executioner and will use it with 13.5 or 4300. I decided to mount my GTB on the right side of the chassis. I removed the cooling fan first. I ended up placing the speed controller on the right rear as close as I could to the t-plate without it interfering with pod movement and as far back without hitting the chassis brace. I positioned the speed control with the motor/battery wires facing to the left of the car and parallel to the t-plate. This mounting position also places the wiring harness side facing the right side of the chassis and the side with the indicator lights facing to the rear.

I routed the battery wires under the center shock. I used a small piece of heat shrink tubing on both the red/black wires where they went directly under the center shock to keep them from moving around excessively. I left them a bit long as I prefer to connect my batteries as far left as possible in case I need to solder them on with the body on the car.

I routed the motor wires over the pod to the motor. The advantage of where I located the speed control was that I could see the ABC label on both the speed controller and the motor from the left side of the car. Since this was the first time I've used a brushless motor, this was a bit of a bonus. Again, I used a bit of extra wire length with the motor wire to avoid any chance of the pod binding and to prevent any stress on the circuit board.

I routed the motor sensor wires in front of the motor underneath the cross brace. I'm not really happy with the way this looks, but I was in a rush to get the car on the track. Make sure you use the included sensor wire management that comes with the GTB to protect all the wires.

The wiring harness for the receiver was a bit ackward. Even though it was a long cable, it didn't reach neatly to the receiver. I have the receiver on the front of the battery tray. The receiver harness needed to go from the right rear to the left front, so there wasn't any great way to do this. I may go back and shoe-goo the harness wire to the chassis to give it a cleaner look.

I did not remove the GTB capacitor. I mounted it to the chassis just in front of the speed controller using servo tape. I didn't give the tape enough time to set and the capacitor popped of during racing. I may end up using shoo-goo to mount that more permanently to the chassis.

I'll try to dig up my digital camera and post a photo of my car and speed control. I won't say that it is the cleanest solution in the world, but it looks okay. I wouldn't say that having the speed control on the right side hurt me as I was turning good laps on my first time out.

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your car looks great SMOKEFAN
but what the heck are those orange rims ???????????

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