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Probably time for a new thread!
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John B

man you didn't even give that LIghtning a try ..........

good luck with your new ride

now get lost this is a LE thread .............

On to more important news
congrats to all the guys who ran the LE cars at snowbirds
and didn't change cars before the racing even started............

On march the 3rd the LE team will be at moose lodge in New Castle for a saturday night race....... regular show
then the next day going to Indy Slots and racing. I called the police and they said they would stay away.......looks like 4 cell stock
just trying to get some racers together for some fun...

we'll get times on here soon for both tracks and if ya can't make 1 race but want to make the other thats fine

So all you boy's looking to get together and get ya some of that guy called


here's your chance
if you never been side swiped by him or t-boned in the corner or .........i can go on and on and on and on

but i'll let you find out for yourself how it feels


who's making the races

Jason Crist
Jeremy "YOKMAN" Hofer
Chet Swihart
Mike Dugan
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boy you do get crankie when lunch is late don't ya.
JOHN B said:
dude get a life already
try looking in the dictionary for a word called loyalty you clown.
i see all these manufactures help you and get taken advantage of.Your new name should be tick because they jump at any givin time and don't care who they land on or hurt.COME"ONNNN!maybe i will buy your car and beat you with it every week.come on!!!that is dumb too!come on lets go to another car hahaha later trader
mann you had a rip car didnt you??????????
t t t
have you seen me lately.........?

wow i wish i would new a little more about this
John B person

i wouldn't have helped you has much or if at all...
if only your where going to jump ship ..

we here at Leading Edge are like a family and will help each other at all cost.....
but you step on toes then it's on....

GOOD LUCK John B at the track
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_i I_
jason crist said:
have you seen me lately.........?

wow i wish i would new a little more about this
John B person

i wouldn't have helped you has much or if at all...
if only your where going to jump ship ..

we here at Leading Edge are like a family and will help each other at all cost.....
but you step on toes then it's on....

GOOD LUCK John B at the track

Not be rude here, but perhaps he got a better offer? I mean i was at the birds and went to say hello to jon and to look at the new ride, he did nothing but talk great about the car, and how he felt he had a great chance in making the A. So i dont know what really happened, but i knw what he told me in the emails and at the birds. if you want to see the emails i got well befor the birds, let me knw. He only talked good about the car...

Dan Hood
I'm going to start a anual POOR BOY Challenge race .....

Possible sponsors:
T.M. Tires
Leading Edge rc cars
JBR Cells

this will be for FUN only ....... a traveling trophy will be given out to the winner. next season the winner will have to give it up to the next winner and so on.

I have no intentions to have any of the races interfere with any other races.
The races will take place at a local club race, but will take the main finishers of the participants running for the POOR BOY Challenge.

this year the races will be ...
March 3rd at Moose Lodge 4 cell stock only
March 4th at Indy Slots 4 cell stock only

WE have 2 rules......
1. Have fun
2. You can win it in the 1st turn....

this year will be only having 4 cell stock for the winner
next year we will have a new class .....13.5 or 4 cell stock or ?

This challenge is designed to have fun and throw all the rules, but 2 of them.

points will go as follows:
1 point for 1st
2 for 2nd
3 for 3rd
4 for 4th
and so on .......
lowest points combined wins..
makes it easier for the guy counting the points

points only in the Mains
1 extra point for TQ, but you have to TQ the class not just the guys running in the challenge.

you only get the points for finishing the mains
so keep in mind you must finish the main to get any points

i will keep an update as needed.

next year will add more races and maybe more challenges
so any questions contact me and i will awnser

signe up for this challenge will be at my pit table

see ya at the track
keep in mind this is a poor boy challenge and so it is for fun only and open to anyone

jason crist
jeremy hofer
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yokman said:
_i I_

TOOOO Funny!!!! :thumbsup:
You guys remind me of another thread on here I'm glad I don't run your cars CustomWorks all the way. :cool: :tongue:
Well you certainly are entitled to your opinion. Just as we are to ours.... Leading Edge ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will hold my comments regarding the "issue" at hand, because I have nothing positive to add. I just hope that other manufacturers and sponsors learn something from this.

Wether you like the LE products or not is fine, but being sponsored by LE is something that should be highly reguarded. Some people have taken this lightly. I only help a small list of guys. We have some top notch racers down to guys (myself included) that would have a hard time winning even if everyone else dropped out of the race. I choose to help guys for different reasons.

Now down to the most important part of my post.

The rest of the world views us as adults that play with toy cars. No one is going to get a Nextel Cup ride or make a living racing these cars. At the end of the day all you can get from racing RC cars is the enjoyment and the respect of fellow racers.
I was happy to see John B get a leading edge car. It was disapointing to see him jump ship so soon. However, he has to do what he feels is best for him. I am sure Barry Hill made an offer he could not turn down. However, I know John first hand. He is a hell of a guy and a top notch racer. If he ever decides to run an LE again I will be there to help as much as possible. John, hopefully we will see you as Kranzels.
Hi Jamie,
What can you tell me about pod angles?
I need something to keep Mel and Ray a safer distance behind me with their Executioner!
When you say pod angle, are you talking about rear steer or pod droop? If you are talking rear steer for Mount P or Bay City, I say run a .5 degree. Any larger track maybe 1/3 degree. It all depends on what the car does. It you feel that the car turns in well but scrubs at the same time, back off the rear steer. Give me a call and I might be able to explain it better.

I am refering to droop. Actually I just got an answer from Dave [via PM] about droop. But, I appreciate the rear steer thing too. I am at zero there. The car does turn in good, but I'm scrubbing speed too.
I'll try to call you tomorow. Since you know where I race, I'm sure you can help.

Jimmy Good to hear that you are running well. I would like to make Omaha, but I don't see it happening right now. I want to make it to the finals if all goes well. Did you send the snow this way? I am going to need a new plow truck after this one.
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