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The leading edge cars were awesome in 13.5 and 4300 this weekend. 5 cars in the 4300 Amain!!!

Jamie Hanson - 2nd (Executioner)
Dave Zipp ---- 4th (Executioner)
John Landers-- 5th (Lightning)
Brent Lane---- 7th (Executioner)
Racknor------- 8th (Executioner)



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IndyRC_Racer said:
Oldguy, I think you are missing the point of my post. I think everyone has a safe setup that they fall back on. I realize that the safe setup might vary slightly from track to track. However, there are always going to be a similar starting point on a high bite flat oval when running 4300 brushless, whether it be 100' or 170'.

To be more specific, what is a good starting point for a LE Executioner running on a smooth flat carpet oval?
Here goes........

Short wheelbase, servo centered, front end brace
Red progressive spring, 2 deg camber, just a little sag, 2 deg caster
Red Std. Spring, more sag, 2 deg + camber, 0 deg caster

about in the middle, ESC and reciever on the tray

Center shock 25w, silver AE spring, mounted high, .063 f-glass tbar, tbar offset to left, centered pod with short hub on right side
gold or blue side shock spring, 25 or 30 wt, 4" from center of car to outside of tire
blue side shock spring, 4 1/16 from center of car to outside of tire.

12.0 oz on LR
Proto dodge charger body
3 whites and a black RF tires (BSR)

Should be a good starting point.....
Adjust from there.

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yuk17bandit said:
i know this is a month or so early , but has any one ran there LE lightning at tri-clone out door track? i'm looking for a base line set-up, i'm running 13.5 there and thought id get a head start on building this thing.
I have a very good setup for 4300 for the lightning. Gimme your email and I will try and scan the sheet and email it to you.

The car ran 5.8 sec laps for about 2 minutes and ran 50 laps.
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