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Leading Edge RC Cars

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Probably time for a new thread!
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JOHN U HAVE AN LE CAR? thought you were a rip guy. see ya at kranzels.
jason crist said:
yep what old guy said is why i'm watching the snowbirds on the web.

with myself doing good in the BRL series i'm sitting out snowbirds so i can make as many as the BRL reaces as i can.

I'm not Dave but here are some of the LE guys that i know are racing at snowbirds.....but i may leave some names out ....

Dusty Dean ....4300 and stock and expert 19
kenny mox ....4300
mark recio....4300
john birmele.....hyperdrive?

sorry may have missed some

Guys keep in mind that the guys listed above have a LE car but might not be running and/or not sponsored by LE

keep an eye on these guys some still have a great shot to make the A main and other's have a shot for the bump up ......
any one talk to this joker?john birmele
JOHN B said:
dude get a life already
try looking in the dictionary for a word called loyalty you clown.
i see all these manufactures help you and get taken advantage of.Your new name should be tick because they jump at any givin time and don't care who they land on or hurt.COME"ONNNN!maybe i will buy your car and beat you with it every week.come on!!!that is dumb too!come on lets go to another car hahaha later trader
1 - 5 of 641 Posts
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