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Probably time for a new thread!
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CMON Im taking my new lightning to Kranzels this weekend to shake her down!!!!!!
CMON im waiting for the Hanson setup sheet!!!!!!!!
contact Dave at leadingedgerccars.com
sweet ride very agressive hmmmm now if i can just get the car to straighten up out of the corner!!!!
DaveW said:
John Try spacing out the LR tire, with the new pod plates you can have the LR tire in too far for some track conditions.
Thanks Dave for the good information give me a call when you get a chance!!!! CMON this car is badd azzzzz fast!!!!!
CMON i like the bling bling!!!!!
cmon snowbirds time!!!!!! cant wait to set my lightning down on the track!!!!!
THE MANN said:
any one talk to this joker?john birmele

1 - 9 of 641 Posts
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