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Leading Edge RC Cars

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Probably time for a new thread!
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LE finishes 1,2,3,4 in 4300 at TWOH in Cinncinati, ohio last night

1st-Scott chase (LIGHTNIING)

2nd- Travis Hook (LIGHTNING)

3rd- Cody gallogly (EXECUTIONER)

4th- James thompson (LIGHTNING)
Thanks Dave, next stop for me is the South Bound Trophy race, hopefully ill put my LE in the winners circle....
Kevin- I write lol in everything it seems like haha, its just a habit i guess

indy rcracer- no its in piketon, ohio
My LE LIGHTNING TQ's and A_Main win at Pit Road Raceway in 4c stock.......TQ by over 3 laps.

Travis Hook
Has anyone tried the Lighning or Executioner on caps?.....Which one do you thing is faster/better IYO.....
I'm going to be running at the TriClone, I'll just try both cars and see what ends up being faster......Thanks for the input guys.
TQ A-main win and track record in 13.5 with my lightning at freddies hobbies

-Travis Hook
1 - 8 of 641 Posts
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