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Probably time for a new thread!
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dave and jason, i have been racin'here in mpls, at least 40 miles south,anyways been runnning 4 cell stock on a 94' run line and narrow lanes, but every week my travelin' partner and i up the ante, got to 90 laps and tq last week but got wrecked in the main. anyway just an update, the exec. is without question the greatest car i have ever raced. hope to see you guys in omaha! :wave: oh yeah get you shovels ready :p :cool:
circle burner, no can do this sunday, is a little race called "the daytona 500" maybe you 've heard of it :p :wave: i'll see ya in omaha :cool:
Dave, Jason - took 3rd in the A at the iroar 2 day race! the car was great all weekend :thumbsup: :cool: thanks again for all the help :thumbsup:
You can discect my car anytime, its get a good setup on it right for Dave W. and Jason Crist, works pretty good any where :wave: :cool:
Chad, I am going to run the new car this weekend at our local bullring, and setup that you've found so far? going to start with my executioner setup that worked pretty good most places last year. Only thing is this place has no bite in it right now, onroad guys should be running in the next week. not looking for speed right now, just feel. Thanks :wave:
Have you messed with any of the barrel springs yet?
Dave, the new"hangman is awesome! it worked great 1st time out, can't wait to get the other chassis built!! :woohoo:
Ran the Hangman again this weekend at the R C Barn, The car ran good however I had some ride height problems, but Jason Klein ( who IMO is one of the best chassis guys in Rc Oval) went through and found somethings that I had done wrong during assembly, he got me straightened out and the car went from 3.1 down to consistent 2.8 with a fast lap of 2.80 (brl 13.5) Thanks again Jason!!! :thumbsup:
Jamie, would this give the appearence that the car is stuck over on the R/F? That is what I am fighting with right now with the Hangman, with it offset even though the car is fast it looks like it is over on the R/F on exit? :confused:
I usually run #12 l/r and #11 or #10 on the r/r, I have tried every frt spring on the market, the best for me are pro green on both sides, then I just shim them after that.
Nice job Jamie! where did you find the cable mesh? who did your pit board? :thumbsup:
Dave, I ran the hangman in Green Bay this weekend and it was very good, very consistent, I like it better than the exec. but that's just my 2 cents. c-ya in Cinci :wave:
1 - 14 of 641 Posts
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