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boy's boy's boy's
dave never had the lead......in points

his 13th best driver had the lead and is looking at the lead from 11 pts behind

as for the B- Day cake.....
she asked me first
but i'm going racing
so she said i guess i'll have to have Dave do it .........he he h e

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ok boy's

YOKMAN TQ'ed and pulled over last night in the A main to let
this guy win 4300

he tq'ed by i think 2 laps over the field
so this weekend you boy's may have your hands full......

these guys who r coming won't have to worry about YOKMAN
out qualifing them:
anybody driven a LE car
in the 13.5 class
these guy's will have to worry
Dave Whitesel
that's it

have a nice

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your right Brian
BSR tires are not better
proven this past weekend at fort wayne in the BRL series

13.5 T.M. tires took in A mains
these i know of may have been a few more in the A main

i know of a couple of other guys but not sure where they finished


Leading Edge guys making the A mains
13.5 class

i know there where 3 other LE cars in the A main but again not sure on finish

Dave Zipp was in the A main so what OLDGUY said is a good starting set-up

but if ya need any on your car just post and ask

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hey Todd
ya it was fun
but I'm not CHRIST
most people think i am but i'm just crist........lol

your car looked good and Hofer would have wrecked ya anyway.....

ya you missed the A mains
with Hofer making it made it even better
that put both my cars in the A main
the Lightning and the Executioner
so if anyone is up in the air about what car is better ?

go with the CRIST edition chassis
it will be the WIDE chassis........he he

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yep what old guy said is why i'm watching the snowbirds on the web.

with myself doing good in the BRL series i'm sitting out snowbirds so i can make as many as the BRL reaces as i can.

I'm not Dave but here are some of the LE guys that i know are racing at snowbirds.....but i may leave some names out ....

Dusty Dean ....4300 and stock and expert 19
kenny mox ....4300
mark recio....4300
john birmele.....stock

sorry may have missed some

Guys keep in mind that the guys listed above have a LE car but might not be running and/or not sponsored by LE

keep an eye on these guys some still have a great shot to make the A main and other's have a shot for the bump up ......

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hey whats up and congrats on the TQ
bad luck in the main

but everyone know's who the man was the guy who TQed.......

sorry i'm not going to Omaha
can't get away for that trip
but will be at the Illinoise race for sure

your right the Executioner is a very good car and i have been running very good aswell with it
thats what chassis i ran at Fort Wayne in the BRL series

good luck with your racing and if ya need any help let me now


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John B

man you didn't even give that LIghtning a try ..........

good luck with your new ride

now get lost this is a LE thread .............

On to more important news
congrats to all the guys who ran the LE cars at snowbirds
and didn't change cars before the racing even started............

On march the 3rd the LE team will be at moose lodge in New Castle for a saturday night race....... regular show
then the next day going to Indy Slots and racing. I called the police and they said they would stay away.......looks like 4 cell stock
just trying to get some racers together for some fun...

we'll get times on here soon for both tracks and if ya can't make 1 race but want to make the other thats fine

So all you boy's looking to get together and get ya some of that guy called


here's your chance
if you never been side swiped by him or t-boned in the corner or .........i can go on and on and on and on

but i'll let you find out for yourself how it feels


who's making the races

Jason Crist
Jeremy "YOKMAN" Hofer
Chet Swihart
Mike Dugan

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have you seen me lately.........?

wow i wish i would new a little more about this
John B person

i wouldn't have helped you has much or if at all...
if only your where going to jump ship ..

we here at Leading Edge are like a family and will help each other at all cost.....
but you step on toes then it's on....

GOOD LUCK John B at the track

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I'm going to start a anual POOR BOY Challenge race .....

Possible sponsors:
T.M. Tires
Leading Edge rc cars
JBR Cells

this will be for FUN only ....... a traveling trophy will be given out to the winner. next season the winner will have to give it up to the next winner and so on.

I have no intentions to have any of the races interfere with any other races.
The races will take place at a local club race, but will take the main finishers of the participants running for the POOR BOY Challenge.

this year the races will be ...
March 3rd at Moose Lodge 4 cell stock only
March 4th at Indy Slots 4 cell stock only

WE have 2 rules......
1. Have fun
2. You can win it in the 1st turn....

this year will be only having 4 cell stock for the winner
next year we will have a new class .....13.5 or 4 cell stock or ?

This challenge is designed to have fun and throw all the rules, but 2 of them.

points will go as follows:
1 point for 1st
2 for 2nd
3 for 3rd
4 for 4th
and so on .......
lowest points combined wins..
makes it easier for the guy counting the points

points only in the Mains
1 extra point for TQ, but you have to TQ the class not just the guys running in the challenge.

you only get the points for finishing the mains
so keep in mind you must finish the main to get any points

i will keep an update as needed.

next year will add more races and maybe more challenges
so any questions contact me and i will awnser

signe up for this challenge will be at my pit table

see ya at the track
keep in mind this is a poor boy challenge and so it is for fun only and open to anyone

jason crist
jeremy hofer

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JH Racing said:
You guys remind me of another thread on here I'm glad I don't run your cars CustomWorks all the way. :cool: :QUOTE]

man you must be boring
because we are here to have FUN

and if ya don't like to have fun then

bye bye

Now onto more important matter
why's everybody always picking on me ......
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