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If I posted in wrong category, sorry, I didn't know.

2008 Craftsman 20 hp Lawn Tractor, (46" cut) with 6 speed Dana transaxle model # D6800-1
Noticed a bit of gear oil (80w90) starting to leak from the axle oil seal at the rear wheel.

Any tricks to change that wheel oil seal ? I haven't pulled the wheel yet.

(Also): Do I need to pull the drive pulley off to get to the rubber plug, to add gear oil ?

Parts book says it only takes 10 ounces of 80w90, But I can't find a drain plug (so far, to empty it).. How can I know when it is full ?

Or maybe there is a plug in the side that you fill till it flows out, then plug it shut ? IDK ?

Thank You for any & all advice, Bill
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