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Latest toys received today

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got them from a member.. cola... as NEW as could be without being new

what chassis is this one?

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The Jaguar is an early issue Tomy AFX Super G+ with the metal axle clip, black plastic chassis and grey "2-dot" magnets. Later versions didn't get the clip, had weaker black mags, and the chassis was molded from a more flexible gray plastic.
so that is good?
Well you have the good traction magnets.

And you have the bad brittle chassis.

However, in total you have a good, original condition, complete early version of the Super G+. Can't beat that from a collector standpoint.

If you were going to race, however, I'd move the traction mags to one of the later version chassis that are molded in gray. More chassis flex and less prone to breaking when walled.
soooo...should I not race it and just admire its newness.....or should I just go for it? Any clue what it is actually worth?

If you mean "race" as in hard racing within a basement league or club then I would get one of the later gray chassis and try to cop a set of the 2-dot mags on the cheap from a used feePay Super G+. And be careful not to mangle that sweet Silk Cut body (maybe try to find a beater on feePay?).

If you mean "race" as in run it around the track at home for grins then I'd say "Go for it!" :thumbsup:

That car should be worth $25-$40 easily, depending who's buying. A packaged one recently sold for $57.00 while a loose one went for $37.00.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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