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Latest "RC Car Action"...has an oval car!

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The cover of the latest RC Car Action at the local Wally World...says..."How to Set Up an Oval Car!"

Holy *crap*.

Looked inside...it's oval, alright. ;) Building and setting up an SK car. Close enough to a pan car for me...LOL...
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How many years since it was pretty much an oval mag
Wow i quit buying that mag years ago cause. NO oval coverage
oval in mag

someone up there is thinking outside the box....:thumbsup:
Well, it's at least a (re)start :) When Car Action - and outdoor, concrete/paved oval racing (or really, oval racing in general) was in its prime - you saw quite a bit of oval coverage in the magazine. Whipporwill, ThunderDome, Dirt Oval Nationals, converting your RC10 into a dirt-oval killer, car comparisons/"shootouts"...it was in the mag nearly every month. I remember one issue in particular (late '80s, very early '90s) had a "chassis shootout" with about eight different chassis. TRC, BoLink's LTO, the old PR7, Composite Craft, HyperDrive's original belt-drive car, Custom Works' original Dominator...you saw it all. Race coverage was excellent.

Maybe we'll see something about King reopening ;)
Big thanks to Erick Reichert for getting that into the magazine. Car looks awesome.
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