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Hello guys! I've got a total of 19 late 70's-early 80's Road Champs, Mini Mites and Sears Road Mates I'd like to sell as a complete lot. I've had these since i was a kid and they are in rough shape with creases, crushed blisters and cracks. w/ a few of the blisters coming off the card ect. Some are better than others but overall they are poor carded condition. I am taking offers on them as i truely don't know what they are worth! They definately are different and VERY neat!!

Some notables are:
Sears Road Mates London Double Decker Bus
Mini Mite Peterbilt Semi
Road Champs Peterbilt Semi
Road Champs 60's T-bird
Mini Mite 71 Mach 1
Mini Mite 70's Chevy Stepside P/U x 6
Mini Mite Super Van x 3

plus more!!!!!

I can send pics via my cell ph if anyone wants to look at them and make an offer! Thanks! Randall (270) 312-3787
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