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I hope I'm in the right thread for this since this is my first time. I am selling some of my laserdisc (not DVD) that I owned and most are in mint to near mint condition or still sealed so don't miss out on a good deal. Price does not include shipping. When ordering let me know your Zip code and I will get you the best possible rate. I accept money order or Paypal.

$4.00 each. buy 3 for $10.00
The Road Warrior (sealed) (sold)
Godzilla (sealed)
Batman Forever (sealed) (sold)
Assasins (sealed)
Terminator 2
You only Live Twice (sold)
Ghost (sold)
Dirty Harry (sold)
The Birds
Best of Mission Impossible Vol 1
Best of Mission Impossible Vol 2
Bad Boys
Passenger 57

$3.00 each
The Accused

$24.00 for all 3 and comes with disc protector (all Star Wars sold)
These are the original Star Wars series.
Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back (sealed)
Return of the Jedi (sealed)

ET (limited edition collectors box set) includes large booklet, 4 disc (only 1 was opened), gold CD, and supplemental materials.

$1.90 each
Paramount movie Samplers
Sony Take Five (featuring samplers from movies, concerts and more) sealed
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