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This started out with a few parts from the old Lunar Models kit as a base, but so much has been changed and corrected using detailed images of the studio model during its NX configuration, it is no longer anywhere near the same kit. A complete re-shaping of major sections that includes profiles, lengths, widths, and comparative size ratios from one hull section to another has all been corrected. The 'masters' will allow new hull sections to be vacuum formed in clear very much like Trek studio models were made at ILM.
The Excelsior was started in 2013, worked on through 2018, then shelved for a couple of years - Life gets in the way...
I recently started picking at it again with collaboration with a 3D modeler helping out with some smaller sections of the ship I didn't care to scratch build. We worked great together to bring back the most accurate details possible in areas such as the dorsal torp launchers, aft torp launchers, the deflector dish, the warp nacelle greebles what were originated from a Darth Vader TIE Fighter hatch. The Main Shuttle bay Observation dome is also 3D printed along with the Impulse crystal. You will see a LOT of scratch built sections cut and lathed by hand as well.

Here is the masters in their current state. Hope you like my progress so far.

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