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Lamborghini Aventador diecast conversion

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Here is a 2011 Hotwheels diecast Lamborghini Aventador body on a Mattel/Tyco 440X2 chassis. Body and chassis cost under $4.

The wheelbase is a great fit with the front wheels in the forward position.
The body is held on with double-sided tape.

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It really does NOT get much better than that for a wheelbase to line up. You may want to issue kevlar vests to the turn marshals though. ;)
amazingly, most Hot wheels Diecasts... that can be sloterized lol...
fit their 440x2 - 3 chassis...

just finishing up a H/W A-Team Van 2 one now :freak:
amongst a few dozen other H/W diecasts that i've already done :wave:
just an FYI on chassis fit 2 H/W :wave:

Bubba 123 :freak: :wave:

PS; NEED 2 get me 1 of dem' Lambor's 2 ;-)
A better driving experience can be had using the Tyco HP7 chassis.
got a pic of an HP-7 ' Doba???
not contest'n u'r view...just want 2 c the design of the tabs 4 inst.

the 440x2 - 3's just cut the clips & LEAVE LOWER PAN INTACT...
4 real easy mounting.. (??)
TY :wave:

Bubba 123
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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