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Well Another season of racing is here, hope to see everyone come out and play again. Here are the rules for the new season.

Tracks Hour are Monday and Thursday nite practice 6- 10 pm
With doors open at Noon on Saturday with racing starting at 6 pm

Points will Begin October 20th

2012-2013 Generals rules & Class Rules
No heating of batteries by any means. LIPO bags are highly recommended may become mandatory.
MAX temperature is 10 degrees above ambient temperature.
MAX Voltage of 1 cell LIPO IS 4.22 ---2 cell LIPO IS 8.44 on track meter.
NO COOLING of motors by any means.
there will be a claimer rule for Nastruck and COT classes (motor,Battery ,esc)rules will be discussed at track.
all weights,heights,temps voltage and any other tech-able rules are to be done by track test equipment.
NO metal bumpers
NO paragon tire compound
the big trucks if they don't run a back bumper must run a gear cover
racers must corner marshal after their race or find someone to do it for you,(it's your responsibility to find some one for you)
if i have to yell more then 3 times for a corner marshal they lose there best run of the night.
NO YELLING at corner marshals
If you have a problem with your vehicle during the race PLEASE keep out of the way of other racers
This is a Family hobby,so watch your language and no fighting
Children are more then welcome to come and race but we are not baby sitters,so you are responsible for them.
keep you pit area clean.

1/10 pan car chassis
Body Protoform 1227 truck body cut at lower factory line.rear is NOT to be cut out.
Spoiler height is 1" min full width
ESC NOVAK NON programmable only(xbr,havoc,gtb,gtb2,edge,club or hobbywing (juststock) other esc must be approved by track.
MOTOR...Novak 21.5 SS or Ballistic only 12.3mm stock rotor only, No Crawler, Tuning Rotors.
TIRES, world GT (purple strip only)
Battery. SMC 25C 1 cell
3mm chassis and body rule
Weight,37 oz(2 pounds 5 oz)with transponder.
THIS IS NOT A BEGINNERS CLASS ,anyone can race this class,but beware you might race against racers with little or no experience,as we draw for heat races at times.
you will also be running the bull ring track and under the lights.

1/10 scale Chassis
BODY-Protoform 1230.1232 and McAllister 249.254.261,265 cut at lower line and rear cannot be cut out.
SPOILER height will be decided and factory spoiler may be used on cars designed for it
MOTOR....NOVAK..17.5 SS or Ballistic only. 12.3mm stock rotor only, No Crawler, Tuning Rotors.
ESC..Novak non programmable only(xbr,havoc,GTB,GTB2,edge,club or hobbywing(juststock)other ESC must be approved by the track.
TIRES..World GT (purple strip only)
Battery SMC 25C 1Cell
3mm chassis and body height
Weight 37 oz(2 pounds 5 oz) with transponder

1/10 pan car chassis
Body open to any NASCAR style body,must meet overall height limit. (no altering roof of any kind)
SPOILER...MAX height 1" no wings,except older COT body with factory wing.
MOTORS.open to any commercial made 17.5
ESC open to any commercial ESC.
TIRES.. any foam tire
Battery any ROAR approved 1 cell as of the September 1 cutoff date.
3mm Chassis and Body height
Weight 36 oz (2 pounds 4 oz) with transponder.

Box stock truck(2wd slash) with factory stye shocks and springs(can change oil,no spacers inside)
BODY..must be designed to fit slash SC truck without modifications.
MOTORS..STOCK Traxxas 12 turn only
ESC STOCK Traxxas factory brushed or brushless
TIRES..proline road hawg (1062-00) only
Battery 6 cell (any mah) or 7 cell (3300 mah max) in STOCK location
Height main chassis 3/4" min
Gearing 18/86 or 19/90 ONLY
this class is a fun class,you WILL be racing,oval with a jump,figure 8 with a jump,battle royal or backwards, any other thing that comes to mind.

Box STOCK Rustler trucks with factory style shocks and factory springs(can change oil,no spacers inside shocks)
MOTOR, ROAR 27 turn motor or 12 turn stock traxxas
TIRES Proline Road Hawgs (1062-00)only
BATTERY 6 cell (any mah) or 7 cell (3300 mah max)
Gearing 18/86 or 19/90

1/16 Traxxas Renegades
Box STOCK traxxas 1/16 with factory springs and shocks(can change oil)
BODY must be designed for Traxxas 16th cars without modifications.
MOTOR .STOCK Traxxas 12 turn
ESC , factory STOCK.
TIRES,,stock slicks (no grooving of tires)
BATTERY..Stock battery or 2s LIPO(TRA2820) only ONE battery in car
Height 1/4 by track gauge
this class my race backwards around the track (Austrian style)

Must start with a Rustler chassis with STOCK tranny gears
Must have 4 working shocks
Body..Dirt Mod Body
MOTOR..Novak 17.5 SS or Ballistac only
ESC...Novak Non programmable only (XBR,Havoc,GTB,GTB2,Edge,Club or Hobbywing (juststock)other esc must be approved by track
TIRES..Proline (1102)road rage 1
BATTERY, Traxxas 2S (TRA2868)
HEIGHT 1/2 Inch min by track gauge.

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60 racers for the season opener. WOW!!!! It was a good night of racing and the track was in great shape for the first race. Dan and Neil did a great job keeping the racing moving along. Only had one little glitch with the computer for the first race. Can't wait for saturday to get here!!

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It was nice to see the old gang and some new un-familiar faces in the pits. The track was fast (considering the begining of the season).

Props to the organization of the track and racers...Dan and Neil did a great job! 60 racers prove that this track is doing something right!!! I hope that other track owners are reading this and taking notes!!......Spec racing is what is needed to keep racing alive. It introduces new racers and helps bring back some of the old ones too (sorry about calling Flag old!).

Dick's car was very fast in COT and it looks like Jacques and Greg have the Truck class covered.

See ya at the races,

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Tony,I think once Dick and I figure what's wrong with the Hooters Ford f150,we will be a contender again,also Chad Blair was fastest on practice day and never count out the track record holder Jason Lavalley.63 racers on opening day is CRAZY,like Tony said SPEC racing is the answer,with this economy the way it is ,no one can afford to race pro classes like we did 10 years ago.

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Would like to get some input on this.
We are thinking of starting the Rustlers,Slash and Renagades at noon witch would get them done about 4P.M . Then would go to pratrics for the other classes ,plus there would be about 15 mins between the truck heats for pratrics for everyone. The ideal behind this is with so many new racer's and cars this season getting done will be alot later this season.By doing this move we should be done racing by 11 P.M. so the people that come so far can get home at a better hour.I have talked to 95% of the truck drivers and they are all fine we this move.

Please respond

Thank You BIG DOG :wave:

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hey B.D.
for me its a real good idea:thumbsup:as more racer will make it in the next few weeks which means an even later time to finidh the races . I will not be a weekly racer every second week or so but getting home at 2 p.m. is a little late...let us know how it works out and a what time would COT and Truck parctice would start

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