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The fourth round of the French nitro touring car National Championships took place last weekend in Sallanches (Haute-Savoie) in France. In the Elite class it was European B Champion Frederic Bourrillon that too the top qualifying spot with his Orion powered KM chassis, while in the National class Capricorn/OS driver Vincent Berthon was the TQ man. In the Elite finals Capricorn/Orion driver Léo Arnold came out on top ahead of team mate Basile Concialdi in 2nd with Xray/RB driver Thomas Guillon 3rd. In the National final, Berthon could carry forward his pace from qualifying to win, with Mugen/Novarossi driver Jonathan Gergen 2nd and Théry Persyn with his RB powered Xray 3rd.

Elite Final results
1. Léo Arnold (Capricorn/Orion)
2. Basile Concialdi (Capricorn/Orion)
3. Thomas Guillon (NT1/RB)

National Final results
1. Vincent Berthon (Capricorn/OS)
2. Jonathan Gergen (Mugen/Novarossi)
3. Théry Persyn (NT1/RB)

Thanks to Francis Persyn for the update.

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