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Kyosho V-One R4 & Plazma Ra parts

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Kyosho have introduced some new parts for the V-One R4 and Plazma Ra. First up for the R4 as well as the RRR is this new yellow clutch shoe. Testing by team drivers around the world resulted in this new clutch shoe which is an improvement in temperature handling and offers better clutch engagement of Kyosho’s own 3D racing clutch. Next up are differential bevel gears made of hardened steel which increases the lifetime of the gear differential especially under the load of today’s engine power. The gears also fit the gear diff of the Ultima series offroad cars too. Finally there is a high quality titanium screw set for the 1/12 scale EP Plazma Ra racing car. The use of the titanium screw set reduces the overall weight of the car for better acceleration and overall handling.

Source: Kyosho [kyosho.de]

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