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The new Ultima RB6 is the latest in the Ultima line of vehicles, which is a further development of the breed, and it includes all the enhancements that have been designed by Kyosho engineers and tested over the last year by Kyosho International factory drivers like Jared Tebo and legends of the RC world. This type of development, along with the uncompromising manufacturing standards and the vast experience that can only be gained from decades of high-level competition, makes the Ultima RB6 a strong choice as the car to beat for the 2013 season.

- 7075 Machined and angled hard anodized aluminum chassis with angled sides.
- 2 motor layout setups included in kit – Rear 3 gear setup and Mid 4 gear setup.
- Smart battery tray design Compatible with short, straight and saddle packs with both mid and rear motor setups.
-* Long Wheelbase The chassis is now 13mm longer than the order RB5, giving you superb stability.
- Reversable rear gull-wing suspension arms allowing more agile turns and stability in bumpy terrain.
- Velvet coated big bore shocks with new one piece alloy caps and X-Gear® springs.
- X-Gear® diff lubricants
- New high down-force cab forward body
- Super low CG design
- New steering crank design.
- All new front end geometry with adjustable caster blocks via inserts.

Source: Kyosho [kyoshoamerica.com]

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