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Kyosho Release #38 British Sports Cars

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Hi Everyone,

Here are the official pictures from Kyosho's release #38, the British Sports Cars. They've strike gold again with this new release. The car selection are excellent, and each one is loaded with fine details. I love how they created a new mold for each of the McLaren F1 and just didn't get lazy and simply slap on a rear wing and mark it as the GTR version. The race cars are awesome too... probably available for the first time in 1/64 scale. I'm sure we'll see some interesting eBay wars on these cars.

Just like the last few releases there will be a secret/chase car. I have no idea what it is though. Most likely a color variant of a particular car, but I'd love to see that they've pulled some extra effort and maybe created a McLaren F1 GTR with racing livery..... yeah...

Enjoy the pictures and start saving money.

Available September 8th, 2009.
Official site:

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Both Kyosho and Minichamps are expensive and it would be hard to justify buying duplicates. But both are so nice and I would hate to give one up. I'll probably be getting the different colors or display them in opposite directions to view both the front and rear of the cars.
8/25/09 Update: The pre-order of unopened box set (with 20 randomly packed cars) is already sold out at Tokimeki Mall, the only source where you can purchase the Kyosho Minicars before they hit the retail/convenient stores in Japan.


Not sure how many sets were available, but to sell out in only 2 or 3 days is pretty amazing.... This clearly shows the popularity of this set of British cars. One can only imagine what'll happen on eBay from here on. Thumbs up for those who already secured their purchases... and good luck to those who will be collecting them on eBay.

Kyosho have not placed any tobacco sponsors on any of their mini-cars even though I'd like to see them too. But there are tons of after-market decals to fullfill people's need to customize their racers. Here's an example from a Japanese seller:

We can always hope for another British car release in the future. But with the current release, particularly with the McLaren F1s, Kyosho have just about round up the modern super cars. Of course I'd love to see some super exotics like the Konningsegg or the Zonda.... but then again I won't mind seeing more Mercedes, BMW, or Porsche. They really need to make more Porsche race cars like the 917, the 962... and so on.
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Well... it is eBay after all. There will always be those desperate enough to jump in and fuel the bidding wars.
Thank you for the info troopeur... now the hunt begins.... : )
The quality problem have been a sore subject in several Japanese blogs too. But from what I heard before in Japan Kyosho can exchange the merchandise if you ship it back to their customer service. Too bad this doesn't apply for us international collectors. Kyosho is still my #1 choice simply because of their range of subjects, attention to details, and quality. Hopefully they'll continue to live up to their name.
Spark makes some really awesome 1/87 diecast cars, but they are extremely expensive... too much for my budget.
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