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Kyosho Release #38 British Sports Cars

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Hi Everyone,

Here are the official pictures from Kyosho's release #38, the British Sports Cars. They've strike gold again with this new release. The car selection are excellent, and each one is loaded with fine details. I love how they created a new mold for each of the McLaren F1 and just didn't get lazy and simply slap on a rear wing and mark it as the GTR version. The race cars are awesome too... probably available for the first time in 1/64 scale. I'm sure we'll see some interesting eBay wars on these cars.

Just like the last few releases there will be a secret/chase car. I have no idea what it is though. Most likely a color variant of a particular car, but I'd love to see that they've pulled some extra effort and maybe created a McLaren F1 GTR with racing livery..... yeah...

Enjoy the pictures and start saving money.

Available September 8th, 2009.
Official site:

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british cars

Really good job from kyosho guys this time, but if you notice the Aston Martin DBS will be released too by Minichamps (in December), Personally I prefer to purchase the minichamps DBS instead of kyosho one, in fact quality is better and I can´t afford to repeat same model from another brand.

My contact in Japan tells me that the mistakes in this series are common.
Aproximately 50% of the final products are damage from the manufacturer, :(:(:(kyosho must invest in quality control in their products
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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