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Kyosho Release #38 British Sports Cars

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Hi Everyone,

Here are the official pictures from Kyosho's release #38, the British Sports Cars. They've strike gold again with this new release. The car selection are excellent, and each one is loaded with fine details. I love how they created a new mold for each of the McLaren F1 and just didn't get lazy and simply slap on a rear wing and mark it as the GTR version. The race cars are awesome too... probably available for the first time in 1/64 scale. I'm sure we'll see some interesting eBay wars on these cars.

Just like the last few releases there will be a secret/chase car. I have no idea what it is though. Most likely a color variant of a particular car, but I'd love to see that they've pulled some extra effort and maybe created a McLaren F1 GTR with racing livery..... yeah...

Enjoy the pictures and start saving money.

Available September 8th, 2009.
Official site:

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I'm definitely buying a set, thanks Josh.

O/T: BTW, I was able to get a set of the Circuit Wolf through the help of a friend. I just tracked it and it's already outbound from US customs in Sanfo. Will probably get it by Wednesday.

I agree, I think some of the cars did not pass through quality control, but generally most of them were ok.
That's interesting.

He mentioned the 2 cars that I received with some degree of damage as well.
My silver Mclaren GTR's axles were bent. The DBR spoilers were detached.
Oops. Sorry, my bad. The axles are not bent but the wheels were not properly attached.

I did remove the rivets to straighten them out and it improved a little bit.

I guess the sellers have from ebay have no control as well because they only open the boxes to identify the contents without really inspecting each one they sell.
They probably fired the QC people during cost cutting resulting in poor quality models.

I think it's safe to send your cars back to have them replaced.
The poor quality of 1/64 Kyosho models are expected to stay for a long time....Since, they are new factories... workers never make model cars before the factory accepted this British 2 set order....:(
This is sad news, what happened to the other factories?
1 - 6 of 55 Posts
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