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Kyosho America have introduced the new Inferno series brushless conversion kit that will convert any Inferno series product, regardless of its class e.g. on-road or off-road. Included in the kit is all of the hardware including a universal one-piece molded plastic radio box and battery tray which is designed to fit either 7.4V LiPo packs or 7.2V NiMh packs. Also included is an easy mesh machined aluminum motor mount that uses a single top screw design that can be easily accessed for perfect gear mesh adjustment.

- Compatible with MP7.5 Kit and Ready Sets
- MP777 SP1, SP2 and WC Edition
- MP9 and MP9 TKI
- Inferno GT and GT2 Ready Set
- Inferno ST US Sports and US Sports 2
- Inferno ST-R and ST-RR Kits
Kit Contents:
- Battery Tray
- Radio Box
- EZ Gear Mesh Aluminum Motor Mount
- Hexed Hardware
- Protective Switch Boot
- Steel Pinion Gear (10T)
Source: Kyosho [kyoshoamerica.com]

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