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The Kyosho Corporation was founded on October 10, 1963 and located in Chiyonda, Tokyo, Japan. They are known primarily today as a model car company, but are one of the oldest model RC car makers in Japan. Many of which are collectible items as well.

Kyosho makes a wide range of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, trucks, tanks and race cars. They are distributed by 18 different companies on 5 continents. In American, Acme Trading Co is the only listed distributor.

In 1992, they began offering diecast models. Some offerings are large scale diecast for their own house brand and some for other brand makers in 1:18, 1:24 and 1:43 scale. Their first 1:64 diecast series were called the "Beads Collection". This was a series of different Nissan Skyline models. They also made a series of Ferraris, Astons, Alfas Porsches, VWs and Lamborghinis. The Ferraris models were issued as kits to avoid liscensing issues with Ferrari and Mattel.

They also made had a series of slot cars.

Mini-Z is the brand name for a line of 1:27 scale electric radio-controlled cars. There are a large number of different highly detailed, realistic and fully painted in a high gloss painte bodies available for the Mini-Z series. The different bodies come with a dummy chassis and wheel sets so that they can also be used as static display models.

They are also the official maker of BMW's licensed scale model promotional cars sold at BMW dealerships.

An association with the Japanese Brewiers DyDo and Kirin who issued 1:100 scale diecast models is also noted.


1:64 Alfa Romeo Collection
1:64 Aston Martin Collection

Ferrari 1
Ferrari Minicar Collection - 8 castings in 3 differnt colors

FO-XX - 1:8 scale

Gorgeous Collection

Honda Minicar Collection

Kyosho 1:18
Kyosho Samurai

1:64 Lamborghini Collection 1, 2 and 3

Mercedes-Benz Minicar Collection - 8 castings in 3 differnt colors
Minicar Collection
Mini-Z - 1:27 RC models

"Beads Collection" 1:64 Nissan Skylines

1:64 Porsche Racing Collection

Suzuka Legends

1:64 Volkswagen Collection

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