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Thought I should post a view little videos on racing at Coyote Hobbies in Lexington! If you want to experience some fast, competitive racing, then make sure to join us on March 20th for the ARCOR Kentucky State Race! See our website for details: http://www.coyotehobbies.com

To view these videos, you should Right-Click the links and select "Save Target As" and then select a place in your computer to place them. Alternate locations are listed. These are best viewed with Windows Media player, but you may need to download and install the Divx Codecs found here:
Alt: http://web.qx.net/bking/videos/DivX511Bundle.exe

The first one is a little racing preview between Shannon Murphy and Chip Bruner. Very nice display of racing. Notice I get passed like I was running backwards (Budweiser Chevy was having some serious handling issues)! These guys run several laps of "follow the leader" racing and finishes by Shannon scuffing the inside pipe which allows Chip to scoot underneath and take the lead. This is about 6MB
Alt: http://web.qx.net/bking/videos/owned320x240.mpg

One of the local racers put together this little gem from one of our friday night races. It features our ARCOR Spec drivers as well as some Legends Racing. The sound is MUCH better when played on decent speakers. Video is about 10MB.
Alt: http://web.qx.net/bking/videos/Divx10MB.avi

This should get some interest moving in the ARCOR race on March 20th!
How about some feedback on the videos?
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