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Pics of 1:18 KITT and KARR found... Cld be the finished version...hmm.. I think this is of Aoshima's.. Shd be of the same as ERTL's.. No more orange lights.. :D I did not know that the model wld feature an opening trunk as well.... But why didn't they open up the hood to show the engine... Nonetheless, the model is looking good... There is also a glimpse of the rear of both KITT and KARR in the pics... It has the tail lights blackout panel and the blue California plates..... No more worries there guys!!





30 Posts
It has finally arrived!!!! I have in my hands now, the ERTL 1:18 KITT!!!!

Click on the links to view the pics!!!


Here is my simple review...

So basically, all of u already know the functions of this model such as opening doors, trunk etc.... I will go straight to the details of the car and one problem I am facing with it.. Here it goes:


This ERTL model is by far my biggest ever KITT so far.... I never had the Kenner Knight 2000 Voice Car.. So, to me, this is big... The car measures abt 27 cm....

What everyone wants to know is how the dashboard will be.. Well, the dashboard is done very nicely. The gauges are all stickers except for the monitors, the switch pods and the yellow and red buttons around the voice modulator section. Rather weird that ERTL did not colour the voice modulator red, instead it is black, ie; unpainted. Unlike the previous pic that we all saw, the 2 monitors in my ERTL KITT is very neatly painted. None of the silver is out of the frame. It looks good actually, very shining! The detail that I like is the logo on the gull wing steering wheel... It is painted red with a very tiny and detailed black drawing of a Knight.. Just like the one seen in the show.. I repeat, it is painted, not a sticker.. Very nice!!! Oh and by the way... The model has steering capabilities. Turn the steering wheel to the right or left, and the tyres will do the same... Really cool!!


Now for the disapointment. I was very disappointed when I noticed that the license plate is a sticker.. I was hoping it wld be painted at least.. The sticker on mine is slightly peeling at the bottom left corner of the KNIGHT plate.. Ain't that sticky..


Now for the problem that I am facing with one of the features of this model... I pulled out the grappling hook and I do not know how to retract it back in place... Is there a button somewhere???? I'm surprised there aren't any instructions abt the grappling hook... I struggled for an hour and I finally gave up.. I just tied the hook underneath the chassis and never touched it anymore. I will wait till some of u guys have the model and see if u will face the same thing like i did :( Please help me out if u know how to retract the hook back in place...


Flip the car around and u will find a very detailed chassis.... This is a pure 1:18 model.. Very detailed, it is like looking at an enlarge version of the chassis of the 1:43 KR cars..


And now, introducing KARR....





Let me tell u this, after what I experienced with the grappling hook on the ERTL KITT, I did not dare pull out the grappling hook on KARR.... :lol:

I even saw the Aoshima version of the 1:18 KITT, but I did not get it as it is almost the same as ERTL's... Here are the differences.. Some of them, u all already know..

The ERTL KITT doesn't have KITT's red modulator painted red, it is just blank, but Aoshima's is painted. As we all already know, the tyres of the Aoshima has the GOODYEAR letterings while ERTL's doesn't and the Aoshima model has the correct white/clear foglights. Note that both the ERTL and Aoshima KITT have a silver coloured base whereas the base for the Aoshima KARR is coloured black. I'm displaying both KITT & KARR with just the middle portion of the base coz I have no space. Look at picture 2 and 3 of KARR above, that is the middle portion of the base. The entire base is just too big for my shelve!!!

Thats about it... Other than that, both models are the same..... Even the display base from both manufacturers are the same except for the colour of KARR's base as I have mentioned earlier..

To those who have yet to decide which one to get, make your choice guys!!!! Its up to you.... Either way, u will get a great quality model regardless of its manufacturer (ERTL or Aoshima).

Both models regardless of manufacturer= HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!
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