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Kitbash Number Three

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My third bash of the PL Enterprise -
The Thru-Deck Cruiser USS Soryu:

It's an aftermarket dreadnought hull by Thomas Sasser, with about an inch and a half of the Enterprise's butt glued on the back to get a hangar on both ends. Nacelles and saucer are standard Enterprise.

Decals from four sources: Me, Thomas, JTGraphics, and the kit.
The color is Model Master French blue-gray. A bit darker and a bit bluer than Ghost Gray. NCC number chosen at random, just higher than the Franz Joseph range for Dreadnoughts.

Maybe next I'll actually build the kit the way it's supposed to be built...
Naaaah, What fun is that!?
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Very Nice

Looks GREAT John :thumbsup: :eek:

I envy you guys that can build these ships !!!

Man, I come across the hall & here you are again! Spreading the coolness, eh? :dude:
I can actually say "Thomas Sasser" over here! :lol:
I'm amazed that Steve hasn't killed that one over there, yet.

I referred to Thomas as a "no name" individual in a thread and it was still killed within about five minutes!

Maybe the "coolness factor" has Steve temporarily stunned. :D

Great job, BTW, John! You ever gonna do a "straight" kit? :lol:
Trek Ace said:
Great job, BTW, John! You ever gonna do a "straight" kit?
I'm wondering that myself! :lol: I look around my room and I see a Voyager, two straight Klingons, 1 Enterprise-D, three straight Starcraft kits and 2 1/2500 Enterprises (D&E) - and 17 Starfleet kitbashes!
Nice Nacelles...two! Just the way you like 'em, John. ;)

Hi John P.
I just found this thread.
Can you repost the photos?
It sounds like a neat ship!
YEAH ! All I get for the photos is those danged little red "X"'s
That's a great looking ship!

Did you light her, or is that computer effects?
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Another winning kitbash from John. Love that shot of the ship in orbit. Oh and the Romulans missing that shot. Great stuff.
Nah, no lighting. Just a bit of PhotoPaint magic.
John you always impress me with your work!That ship is too cool! :thumbsup:
John, that looks great. Very nice, as usual. Also like the um... post production work on the computer!

Definately my motivation for starting on a kitbash of a flatbed heavy carrier (I'm planning one out using the refit enterprise, but my source material is based on TOS ships).
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