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I agree with ya

montegogt said:
Bought the JL Retro release of the Torino Talladega, Friday. Opened it today. I really liked the finish and detail of this release. My disapointment came when I inspected the wheels , the left rear set way to high in the wheel well . I dont have my magnifing setup at home, but near as I can tell something is keeping the axle from setting in the slot in the base on the left side or the slot is not cut in the left side. Now I'll have to drill the rivets and disassemble it to see what needs to be done to correct it . Wish they would have caught this at the factory. Errors may be cool for the HW crowd but not to me, and especialy on a $4 JL.
Sorry for the gripe, I really do like the JL casting of this car.
I have run across some like this but I usually fix them. Who knows maybe someday we'll get lucky and this won't happen :thumbsup:
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