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i am not selling/trading anything so i don't feel it is appropriate to post this on the S&S board but was wondering.......

i was recently reviewing my trader feedback rating and was curious what cars i have bought,sold or traded with each member. i usually like to mention the car(s) in the feedback that i leave but sometimes i get careless or there just isn't enough space for the text. upon reviewing the feedback, i noticed that there were a few members who left feedback for me,yet i had forgotten to leave feedback for them on our sale/trade. :eek:

quite some time has passed since these transactions and i don't want to feel like an idiot by contacting these members to see if they could remember what we traded. :eek: although i have all good dealings with all of them,i think it would be odd for me to leave feedback months after our transaction especially if i can't remember what that transaction was of. basically, some have been so long to the point that the person(s) in question will probably just scratch their head by seeing feedback from me pop up while they had probably forgotten all about our trade/sale. i apologize to those who i had forgot to do this for. would you guys leave the feedback anyway or should i just sweep it under the rug and chalk them off on the stupidity board? :eek:
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