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Kidmark was a toy distribution company based in Commerce, California. The issued a variety of diecast vehicles. Mostly in the Western United States.

One line offered was their "Gun- of-a-Car" series. These were (4) plastic bodied and metal based model vehicles.

In the early 1990s, they issued the "Road Bandits" and then the "Screamon Demons". Both of these were made by unknown manufactures in China. The "Road Bandits" series is made up of conventional vehicles and have a 100 series # on their base. These were also sold as Tootsietoys. The Screamon Demons" were CF #ed castings with star shaped wheel hubs.

They also handled Yat Ming's Road Tough brand of "American Dreams" series of 1950 American automobiles.

A grocery store type set used Summer castings was also marketed as "Max Pax". Unknown maker models were also used in these sets.

In the early 2000s, Kidmark was marketing a line of Magic's "Fastwheels" that were Welly made castings and other unknown makers.

Sourced references -

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