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Kammback creation

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more to come after the JB weld sets up
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ok, now THIS is getting interesting! :thumbsup:
I liked the little wagons myself. used to own a cav.wagon with a v6 in it. ran pretty well.

more to come after the JB weld sets up
I didn't wake up thinking about Texas but, now I am.

Is it done yet? Very Cool Vega Wagon alpink!!

Bob...I had a wagon once...zilla
Pretty cool!!!! Back in my early teens I really liked them kammback wagons, the panel deliveries especially. Aw hell, even the Pinto delivery wagon with the lil round porthole windows in the back was interesting. This was before I understood just how bad both of those vehicles actually were. :lol:
Cool idea AL!! Who'd a thunk it? Like others and Sgt. Schultz have said,,,, "verrrrryy interrresting" !!!! :) pig
Cool idea AL!! Who'd a thunk it? Like others and Sgt. Schultz have said,,,, "verrrrryy interrresting" !!!! :) pig
naw..that w/ Artie Johnson on "Laff-In" :thumbsup:
Bubba 123 :wave:
Bubba, I stand corrected! pig

more to come after the JB weld sets up

* Looks at car.....looks at JBWELD.....looks at Clock.....Taps foot.*

got sidetracked with other stuff. mainly replacing a couple utility poles that some kid in a Challenger had to knock down. I'll get back to the Kammback soon.
He was driving Detroit Steel. I would hope so...
Lookin' good there Al!
I never had a Lindy Vega before.. How does that wagon line up chassis-wise? Amazing the die cast and Lindy are basically the same scale! :thumbsup:
I've always liked the Vega. Back in the day it reminded me of a baby Camaro with that big grin.
Me too Slotto.. I think I was about 10 or 11 when the Vega hit the showrooms, and I thought exactly the same thing!! Will be interesting to see how this progresses!! :)
Neat build! There were more than a few interesting, if not decent-looking Vegas, but Al's is gonna run better out of the box than any of the original 1:1's!
This one is gunna be cool! Used to have a Vega Panel with a 468 in it. talk about some fun!!!!:thumbsup:
OK guys, I know you are all wanting more info. but I have just stalled a bit here. I have a post installed and the wagon will fit a 4 gear. had to add a little "bondo" on the hood transplant and hole in the roof. I'll have more pics soon, but not tonight.
Joe LED it looks like the Lindy and the diecast are both a tad long for t-jet chassis. but, I have a Vega wagon resin cast by someone else that has been wheel base corrected that I will be altering a little and making a mold from. probably going to make an El Camino/Ranchero version too.
please be patient, I will have something for you to see by this weekend.
thank you all for the positive vibes and save your pennies.
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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