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Hey There just got my MICRO T they have been backordered sense x-mas. I do not know a whole lot about RC CARS. But this thing is sweet. Straight out the box I got a 6 min run time. I loosend all the screws that had to do with motor, trans. They were very tight. I upgraded to BALL BEARINGS in the wheels. Now on a 40 degree day I got 7 1/2 min. run time. Will I get a longer run time when weather warms up??? Was doing some serious jumps broke Back right hub. Fixed that, now today I did same jumps and smacked the curb broke front left steering arm, FIXED That. Man this thing is fun. Parts are cheap. Anyway what should I do next??? I am thinking shocks WHATS OUT THERE??? All customs?? or are companys making upgrades??? Hope to here from some people!!! :thumbsup:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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