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Well about a week ago i ordered a 2006 1/16 John Deere HPX 4x4 Gator off of walmart .com and i got an email on the 26th and it was telling me my order had shipped VIA UPS GROUND . So i figured it would get here friday like their website told me . But much to my surprise it came today and i went to my account and looked at all of the tracking info and sure enough it was delivered ON TIME today ! So im totally stoked that i got this so soon ! I have another order that i placed with walmart .com and i have to go to my local store and pick that up sometime next month , probably around the 10th . If yall are wondering .. its a wall clock that i got that is going to have a pic of my pet dog on it :cool: .

Well heres a pic of my BRANDNEW 2006 1/16 John Deere HPX 4x4 Gator !!

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