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This was made using the Cheapo General Lee from the Joyride 3 pack

It is probably the most basic looking General Lee in its Original Form (The JL Version & older Ertl versions had much more detal,

Originaly the Rear end was just a flat panel, this one has a hand built rear end tail light assembly etc

Tail pipes added, New grill from a Hot wheels 69 Charger,Custom & hand painted panel under the front grill/bumper section,

New wheels & tyres , Full Rollcage & Gear stick added, Rear antenae added (It goes up & down also), Hand made black crash bar added to front

It looks much better in hand & is much closer to 1/64 than the JL version IMO

Greg (Carsdownunder)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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