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Got in a J.D. LX188 with a broken front axle
(Model: MOL188X072307)

Replaced Axle and now having trouble with PTO Clutch bottom pulley spinning all the time with the crankshaft.

Checked power to PTO Clutch and I'm getting proper voltage it.
Switch off= no voltage, Switch pulled up to engage= 12+ volts.

Need to figure out why the bottom pulley on Electric PTO Clutch is turning, even when wires are disconnected from any power source.

The top plate of this clutch has 3 holes and there is a pin that holds the top plate steady. I believe I have this clutch mounted properly by making sure the hole is slid upward thru the pin to keep the entire Electric Clutch from spinning with the crank.

I can turn the bottom pulley by hand, but I do feel resistance, so something is grabbing causing the bottom pulley to spin wit the crank.

Thanks for any help guys!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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