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recently i made a deal with joe on this site and i got screwed. i sent him my car for his mini and got nothing. he didnt like the car so we agreed to trade back. its now been almost 2 weeks and he just stopped answering my messages. he will get online and ignore them. he never sent me anything. the tracking number he sent me is a business number. he told me first that he went to the P.O. and the lady said that the number would be a little slow to show up. then he told me that he mailed it through his business and then he told me it went ground. so i have been waiting. reading his messages when he was answering back and all he does is swear to god he sent them and that im the liar and that i should send his stuff back. and like i told him over and over i would trade back its just i dont have any to send back. i have called usps and its not one of their numbers and ups, dhl, fedex all said the same. i told him to send back my car which would make all this go away but he wont. so with all this said i hope you all learn from what i have just said and dont do any business with joesrcshack unless he ships first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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