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The 2nd round of the German West division Nationals was held in Hürtgenwald on an astroturf track and the weather was great all weekend. On Saturday there was open practice for a couple hours and then 3 rounds of controlled practice. JConcepts Driver, Jörn Neumann was in attendance and coming off his first round victory was ready to dominate again in round 2. Jörn tried a few different shock setups and a 3mm front sway bar during practice which he noted that it made is car a lot faster. He stuck with the same setup for the 1st Round of qualifying, finishing 2nd. On Sunday there were two more Rounds of qualifying. In Round 2 Jörn was on a good pace, but had a problem after 2 minutes and had to sit out the rest of the qualifier. The last Round worked really well and Jörn came back with a TQ in that round which was enough for the overall TQ.

For the semi final Jörn changed the front and center diff from 7K to 20K, to get more acceleration out of the corners. This worked well for Jörn and he won the semi final. The main final didn’t start too well for Nuemann, he lost more then 10 seconds and had to start from the pit lane. Jörn pushed really hard and worked his way back to third after a couple of minutes and was able to inch up a few tenths every lap to the leaders. Jörn decided to pit safe at the 7 minute mark in the 20 minutes main. Both leaders tried to pit at 10 minutes. During the pit stops with some fast laps Jörn was back in the lead and pulled away to have enough gap for his second fuel stop. In the end Jörn won by half a lap over second place Alex Hardt.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

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