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I need the following to have all versions of the superbird.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

1970 Superbird`s
Auction Insanity wl
mopar nats. blue & yellow wl`s
new gold series wl

I have the following cars to trade for those superbirds.
1]I have the 1:64 gold series 67 shelby gt500 wl that I`d prefer to trade for the superbird wl from the same series.

2]high performance pontiac firebird wl `black with flames` [very small sears pinhole with small crease on front of card only]

3]Street freaks zingers 71 olds cutlass 442 wl in great condition but does have`the sears pinhole` on the card.

4] white lightning `zingers` 5 pack with the 68 corvette wl in it.I can also include a loose vette with this if you like,plus a 3rd with no motor[from sets I opened]

5] 3 of the 2003 treasure hunt red cuda`s all on mint cards in protectos

6]toy cars and models 67 ford fairlane[looks similar to a zamac]

7] short card faster than ever bone shaker

8]hot wheels 4 pack of 30th anniversary 70` muscle cars with the super bee,challenger, mustang,and firebird in this.

9]10 pack of camaro legends with the yenko and iroc wl`s in it. I believe the yenko was `placed ` there from another set but it still looks great. I can split this up or trade as a set.I quess it depends on what someone offers me.
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