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1975 Checker Marathon Cab
70's Bus
1970 Toyota Crown
1973 Ford F150 Tow Truck
60's Caddillac ambulance
1974 Dodge Polara Taxi
1973 Dodge Polara Police Car
1970 Ford Econoline
1970 Saab 96
Any early 70's American Car

List some that you want! :wave:

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Explorer Sprort Trac
Stock DeLorean
chevy avalance
chevy colorado
im sure theres more on my wish list, but im not 100% with it tonight

The first-generation Barracuda, preferably a '66, would be my #1 choice. :thumbsup:
RC2 has such a casting out back in the Racing Champions shed. When NASCAR banned the HEMI in the mid-60's, King Richard went drag racing with '43/Jr.'

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1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1973 Pontiac Grand Prix

1969-70 Ford XL500

1969-70 Mercury Marauder

1966 Buick Riviera

1960 Chrysler 300F

1961 Chrysler 300G

1969 Chrysler 300 coupe

1967 AMC Marlin

1974 AMC Matador coupe

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my choices in order........
71 cuda hardtop
70 conv. cuda
72-74 cuda
72-74 challenger
1986 Shelby GLHS 4-door
1989 dodge daytona shelby
1992-93 dodge daytona Iroc R/T
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 limited
1975 plymouth roadrunner
1982 dodge mirada CMX 360
2003-05 Dodge SRT-4
2005+ Dodge charger SRT-8

JL sets that I`d love to see..........
Carroll Shelby 7 pack exclusive set for cars he produced including....
1986 shelby glhs 4-door
1987 shelby glhs 2 door
1987 shelby lancer
1987 shelby csx
1988 shelby csx-t
1989 shelby csx-vnt
1989 shelby dakota
pics can be seen here.... http://shelbyregistry.com/

then for kickers I`d like to see a dodge srt set including all srt made vehicles
That`s not to much to ask for even though the cuda`s and 86 shelby glhs would be the big sellers :thumbsup:

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What I would like to see is a set of some classic autos done up as police cars. Doesn't have to have the name of a real police department, as with American Blue, just some nice cars.

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that 4x4 79 ford bronco. i own that truck.
the color sceam is called sunburst and looks exactly like the pic. she only has 7,553 miles on it. and rides great down the road. i bought it for $3,800 last year. it has a 350-400m motor. turns on a dime and will smoke the tires very easy. i need to find new door pannels for it. the plastic pannels have cracked.
and carpet up front needs to be replaced. thanks for the pic :wave:
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