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JL vs GL: 1965 Mustang fastback

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Recieved the GL 1965/66 Mustang fastback in black last night, thought I'd do a little comparison with the JL version. Finally a JL that doesn't seem too small!

First of all, this isn't a totally fair comparison because the GL is a GT model and the JL is not. Both are powered by a 289 in raven black with sport red interior. Both diecast have rubber tires and opening hoods.

The GL and JL are nearly identical in dimensions.

The GL is a GT and has the driving lights in the grill, I also prefer it's "thinner" front bumper. Otherwise both are faithful the the Mustang, with appropriate horse in the corral, F O R D lettering, turn indicators. The JL could use a little more spacing between the hood lettering. The GT did have the chrome strip at the leading edge of the hood, while the non-GT didn't, good attention to detail by both companies. Notice the JL has a flatter roof and more bulbous hood, again the GL is more faithful here but is also a much newer casting.

Let us take a look under the hood, the good ole Ford 289cid V8, probably an A code. Some major differences here. Ford did use blue on the blocks like the JL shows. Both show the correct gold colored air filter cover, however a GT usually had the snorkel that the GL correctly shows. I believe 64 models had a blue air filter cover.

Let's take a look around back. Again very similiar in looks and the GL faithfully shows that the GT does have the trumpet exhaust and the "GT" fuel cap, while the JL shows the regular fuel cap. Where are the backup lamps for the GL though? Only early 64 models were missing those. Plate on the JL is a little more faithfully sized. The rear window on the GL is slightly larger and I think the JL looks better in that area.

Moving on the side profile. Wow, both are lookers! The GL has the correct GT stripe, badging and wheels. Nice work guys! The JL has the correct "regular" badging and rocker panels. The badging is slightly larger than need be, but only when compared to the GL. The wheels are both correct as offerings from Ford and really could have been interchangeable between a GT and non-GT. They're both awesome with the redline tires, the GL is a little more faithful on the tires, especially in width. Maybe the JL has some newer radials.

The JL has the correct rear curvature of the door windows, however the windshield may be laid back a little too much. Again, only noticeable when compared to the GL.

The top view shows some interesting differences. The most obvious detail missing to me is the lower windshield trim on the GL. The rear shelf of the GL is larger and more correct. Otherwise both look very faithful to me.

The real deal:

Which one do you prefer? I think both are awesome...I like the GT because it goes perfectly with my black 88 GT and black 12 GT (on order). But I still love the JL and think I may bring that one to work with me.
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Undeterred by the upside down visuals of your pictures, my vote goes to Greenlight. :))
Are they really upside down or is it a Kiwi joke?
They're right-side up for me.
Sorry, this is what I see (screenshots):

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