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Hey all this limited anniversary edition 33 ford "HOW" limited are they anybody know "how many made"?????. 2nd question are all the limited anniversary edition cars made with white interior and word on the tires that say tenth anniversary???? pic below :thumbsup: thanks all....

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Johnny Lightning 10th Anniversary!
Posted: 04/20/2004

Playing Mantis founder and President Tom Lowe chose his 20 favorite cars from 10 years of Johnny Lightning production: two from each year.
The first 6 cars are available now exclusively through hobby stores like your favorite die-cast shop or on-line distributor. In addition, twelve of these will be available in the die-cast aisle at your favorite store. One car per month will be available.
The remaining two will be exclusive to Johnny Lightning Collector's Club members. Join now!

Hobby Stores Only: 5,000 Production Total
 Topper Vicious Vette
 '72 Color Me Gone Dodge Challenger Funny Car
 '54 Chevy Nomad Concept
 '76 Chevy Camaro Type LT
 '71 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler
 '57 Chevy Nomad

10th Anniversary Random Chase Cars: 10,000 Production Total
 '71 Hemi Cuda (January)
 Draggin’ Dragon (February)
 Ecto 1-A (March)
 Speed Racer Mach 5 (April)
 Bill Maverick Golden’s Lil Red Wagon (May)
 Dodge Little Red Express (June)
 '33 Ford Panel Delivery (July)
 '71 Plymouth Duster (August)
 Corvette Grand Sport (September)
 '54 Corvette Corvair October)
 Lincoln Futura (November)
 '70 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (December)

Club Only: 2500 Production Total
 Topper Custom GTO
 Hummer H2

They all don't have white interiors, but they do have Tenth Anniversary printed on the tires.
I hope this information is helpful to you. :wave:

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if you want to be "complete", don't forget these four:


TOY FAIR 2004 - '69 DODGE DAYTONA - 1/2,000 (ONLY 700 FOR JL CLUB)

Scratch and Win 1-of-1,802 special edition 1:64 scale Cadillac® Escalade™! This Cadillac is serialized and painted in authentic Cadillac Blue Chip paint and features Tenth Anniversary lettering on Real Wheel series tires

Scratch and Win 1-of-200 exclusive 1:64 scale 1970 Dodge Challenger Hardtop White Lightning®! This serialized pearl-white muscle car will have Tenth Anniversary lettering on Real Wheel series tires riding on Mopar Rallye rims.
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