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Canada is still getting the "Classic Car" cards, including CG 22, just recently.
Unfortunately most do not come with photocards, including CG 22.
The second release of Lightning Strike 2004 came on a different but still generic bilingual card without the photocard that is on the U.S. blister cards.
I believe Gary of Tiny Wheels may have mentioned it in a post or showed a picture of this particular version of the blister card, but I am not totally sure if this was the case.
Yes, Walmart in Canada gets these peculiar cards.
As stated earlier, the part that sucks, is the fact that the blister cards do not include the photocards.
This policy or custom has been going on for a long time.
I guess the upside is the fact that the quantities sold in Canada in this fashion should be relatively small.
I also have never heard of anyone finding a White Lightning on a bilingual card.
Maybe if Jeff Koch can shed some light on this subject since he is no longer employed by Playing Mantis.
Jeff K are you lurking out there somewhere?

Cheers. Cobra

Rocket Power
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These cards are very generic French / English cards for the Canadian market. It's the law in Canada that all products need to have bilingual packaging. The market is too small in Canada for JL to make all the series on such cards so they compensate by putting a few series, regardless of what they are, onto these cards. They even put the new 2004 VW Microbus on these "Classic" cards. Ya right, but at least you have a chance at getting the toy. Ya I though I had a pic of it but I can't find it anymore ... hmmm.

This is not to say that all JL's in Canada come on these cards. Actually I have found some of the new releases that are sold in the US have French on them. These do make there way to the Canadian market as they are intended too. But most are the licensed cars like Pez and Marvel Comics that I can see.

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