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Johnny Lightning has Announced the 2nd half of 2007!

We have added the latest information and
Pre-Ordering info for:

1/64th Scale:
Classic Gold Release 36, Release 37, and Release 38
Johnny Retro Release 2 and Release 3
Mopar or No Car Release 12 and Release 13
Muscle Cars Release 15
Pony Power Release 2
Trucks & SUV's Release 8
Volkswagens Release 6
Modern Muscle Release 2
60's Sizzle Release 6
Wicket Wagons Release 2
Chevy Thunder Release 8
and Thirteen 13 Customs Release 1.


2011 VW NB Final Edition
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Lpgeoteacher said:
Brong on the VWs!

Brong????????..:p :confused: :tongue:

I still thinj HT needs a spell chech program. My typing can be horrendous at times...

Ditto with Ozmont. A BWF would have been nice.

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crnichols said:
I can't believe it!!!! Not 1 WILLYS GASSER for 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey JL, why mostly muscle cars???????? I like muscle, but enuf is enuf!!!!!!!!!! Please let's get back to some awesome cars.

Didn't they do a bunch of Willys Gassers a few years ago? muscle cars are their bread and butter with their core demographic, I think..
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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