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Shepherd have announced that European Electric touring car driver Jilles Groskamp will use Shepherd Micro Racing cars for nitro racing, racing both classes, 1/10th scale and 1/8th scale. With his experience as a professional driver he will help the German company to improve their existing products and developing new products. Jilles had the following to say:
After looking to many teams and many people, Shepherd stood out as a small team which works really hard to improve things. They are still some kind of a “newcomer” in the nitro scene but the Velox V8 is already established all over the world. I could already test it and I was really impressed. Probably the V10 project will be even more fun for myself as I feel better with a 1/10 touring car. With all the fast improvements they can realize I can test a lot of different things and get ready for the big races. I’m really looking forward to work together with them and I hope my feedback helps in creating great products.
Source: Shepherd [team-shepherd.com]

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