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Last weekend saw the Indonesian EP series end of year race held on Sunter International Speedway. The race open for 3 classes, Stock 11.5 BL, Modified Class and Formula-1 class. A 2 days event, Saturday had 4 qualifying rounds with the 5th and final round on Sunday along with the triple mains. The race had 50 drivers and they were greeted by variable weather, sunny, cloudy and rain, so all drivers had to repeatedly change their setup. It was Tamiya team driver Jilles Groskamp, who made a trip from Thailand, that took the pole position in the stock class followed by young Xray driver Bowie Ginting in 2nd and long time racer Rudy Hardjo in 3rd. In Modified, Jilles Groskamp also took the TQ spot followed by Xray driver, Danny Iswahyudi with Kris Heriyana in 3rd position.

Stock Qualifying results:
1. Jilles Groskamp – Tamiya
2. Bowie Ginting – Xray
3. Rudy Hardjo – Xray
4. Robert Hendrawan – Tamiya
5. Asdi – Tamiya
6. Heri Susanto – Xray
7. Rachmat – Hot Bodies
8. Sanny – Xray
9. Sewaka Ramadhani – Hot Bodies
10. Adam Goentina – Xray
Modified Qualifying results:
1. Jilles Groskamp – Tamiya
2. Danny Iswahyudi – Xray
3. Kris Heriyana – Tamiya
4. Bowie Ginting – Xray
5. Suwardi Suliandy – Xray
6. Albert Affendy – Xray
7. Imam Liyanto – Tamiya
8. Richard Suryo – Xray
9. Hap – Tamiya
10. Sigit – Xray
In the Stock final, Jilles Groskamp got a very nice run and scored a perfect 20 points and your 2 best scores to count he won the race, followed by Asdi and Bowie Ginting. The same story goes for the Modified class. Jilles Groskamp made a very fast run and also took the win followed by Suwardi Suliandy who had a short entertaining duel with Groskamp in the last final, while 3rd spot went to Kris Heriyana.
Stock Final results:
1. Jilles Groskamp
2. Asdi
3. Bowie Ginting
Modified Final results:
1. Jilles Groskamp
2. Suwardi Suliandy
3. Kris Heriyana
Thanks to Bowie Ginting for the report.

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