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Hello friends, today I open this small thread to talk a little about my new FPV camera AIO JF-01.
This small, tiny camera is (I'm almost sure) just like the Eachine ef.01, with its fans and its buriers,
there are people who use it for those Tiny Whoops that are so cool lately, but it can be used for any
kind of Apparatus or application.

A really fun toy with lots of possibilities. I have thought to incorporate it to my drones and make fpv
with glasses for the first time with her ,,, I hope that everything goes well!

I leave a video of the unboxing so you can see everything that includes the box.

Package Contents:
1 x Camera
1 x Cable
1 x English Manual

Main features of this FPV camera.
It includes everything necessary to make a stable FPV, only needs to be powered by the connector that
has and will be working.
Its CMOS sensor produces brilliant images that are as good as what a CCD sensor produces. With considerable
savings in price.
It has an ultra wide angle lens that gives you a panoramic view with FOV of 148 degrees and DFOV of 170 degrees.
The image parameters and lens angle are designed for FPV.
Not only for the smallest drones, it can also be used on larger drones, thanks to the powerful low-power antenna,
only 6.8g and 25mW respectively.
With a total of 40 Channels, distributed in 5 bands including Raceband for anti-interference.

Technical specifications

Protective metal case (detachable)
It comes encapsulated in an easy box to remove (if necessary to lose some extra grams), but always that it can be
mounted better, since it helps to dissipate the heat generated by the video tranny.

The antenna:
The antenna, is mushroom type, giving good rando in any position in which the dron (or apparatus that has it)

The battery:
The manufacturer recommends guive it a DC current from 3.6 to 5.5V, if you wanted to connect to a voltage
font directly like the mainboard you can , but if you have more vats , would have to install some regulator between the camera and the battery.
I use it with my jjrc H20H battery (the one on the image, and works prefect)

Personal opinion:
I think this camera is very interesting given its versatility, although you can not inject video, to show parameters such
as those of GPS, it is true that it is powerful and small, perhaps the type of antenna is the most vulnerable part of this
Model, being so exposed and so rigid, in case of accident the chances of being damaged are quite high.

I have read that there are people that seemplaza the antenna for a latigo, but I think that limits the range, so once again,
depending on what you want to use the camera, it would be more correct one conifguration or another. One good thing is
that it is easy to modify it, a simple touch of tiler and the antenna will be free.

Its size
Ease of use
Ease of installation
40 channels


high temperature
Antenna very exposed to shocks

Purchase and related links:
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Ideas and improvements in 3D: http://bit.ly/SongoLand

Video configuration with some glasses FuriBee VR01

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Hi Friends , i have made one 3d Printable (3D Print) model for protect the camera and antena of my AIO JF-01 FPV Camera.

You can download the file for free and print your one here :

A gretting
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