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Nova Designs wrote:
Since you lost R2 why not put some damage and random wiring or something in that hole? I bet you'd kick butt at that.
I agree! Put the Buzz-Droid-chewed-up-remains of an R2 in there! :thumbsup:

What is the blue paint? It looks so rich. Or is that just the camera?

Excellent weathering job REL, looks just like it should. I agree about the R2 loss but doing a new one or indeed the wrecked by buzz droid idea wouldn't be a bad one.

Dr. Brad said:
*snip* On my version (below), I think it looks like the fighter is the victim of bunch of kids throwing gravel at it!

The outer rim territory kids eh? no discipline i tell ya!

Go easy
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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