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I picked up a 2-Pack with diorama display case called Yard Dawgs (primarily to do a custom Ford COE). Both vehicles have a background from a wrecking yard, and come distressed. Here's a pic of the VW:

The wheels and tire's look like they came from a Yamaha(?) Mule 6x which makes a custom an easy jump. Not sure I'll mess with it, but it's interesting.

Here's the companion Ford COE, which incidently has the same exact box on the back of it.

One, if not the sadest thing about it is the hiddiestly small tires on the front. I don't think they're even large enough for the COE to roll if taken off the stand.

P.S. Took the COE and while it will roll, the ride height under the front is less than a poster board thickness, and more than a piece of paper...
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